Website Design & Setup

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We offer a modern website design that will draw traffic to your website. All our websites are designed with mobile devices in mind and utilize the latest trends within the industry.


  • Domain Name Registration
  • SSL Certification Setup
  • Website Hosting
  • Competition Research
  • Keyword Research
  • Design Website using CSS & Bootstrap 4 Framework
  • Register Business on Google My Business
  • Register Website with Google Search Console
  • Register Website with Google Tags Manager
  • Register Website with Google Analytics
  • Create a Sitemap and robot.txt file to rank on google

Frequently Asked Questions

A new website can vary in cost depending on how detailed you want your website to look and what kind of functionality you want incorporated into it. The cost of a website can be anywhere from $500 to 5,000$.

We can have the main core of your website setup within 2 weeks. The amount of time is completely based off how much content you would like added, and how long it takes to get the content such as photos and information about your business.

No, We will work with anyone to help accomplish your goals. We can setup video conference for discussion on what you would like.

Yes, we certainly can maintain your website once completed. Whether you're looking to add more photos, update your team, or add a whole new page, We can handle maintaining and updating your website.

Yes, 100% of our website are designed to work on all mobile devices. Mobile devices account for more than 50% of web traffic.

Yes, contact forms are a great way to generate leads for your business.

An invoice will be sent to you for 50% of the overall price once an agreement has been signed for the work. Once we receive the first payment work will then begin on your website. Then a final invoice will be sent out once both parties agree that the website is complete.

Most content on your site should be provided by you. You are the one that knows the history and what customers are saying about your business.

All website design and setup by Design Den are hosted on google cloud platform, and utilize Cloudflare to secure and speed up your website traffic.

Yes, Your website will have a SSL certificate setup through Cloudflare.

We can be reached by phone at: (843) 826-0597 or by email at: [email protected]

  • If your website is built with Wordpress, we can invite you to be able to edit your website directly.
  • If your website is hosted through Google Cloud Platform we can invite you so you can change, update, and add new files to your web server.

We can do both, if you are looking for a website that you can maintain and update yourself we recommend using Wordpress. However if you're looking for a website that is more unuid and built to perform we recommend getting your website build from the ground up.

Yes, all websites made by us will be optimized for search engines. We will use JSON-LD markup to optimize your website. Also a website sitemap will be created and submitted to google to help speed up indexing of your webpage.